Monday, June 18, 2007

Lots of stuff.....

Frogged. I took the EZasPi "Bugs in the Garden" blanket and frogged it. The yarn just wasn't working for me. The patterns weren't showing up and the colours were icky. Started a basic garter stitch square on the diagonal which I plan to add a lacy edging to. The colours are showing up much better. And it is so boring, I can read emails and work on it.

Babette Blanket...I couldn't wait any longer (I was going to finish up some other projects first). So I dug up some blues and greys from my stash, just acrylics. Threw a few back in the pool that didn't work together and came up with this combo. I like it. And now I have some crochet stuff to work on.

Finished another pet blanket for the local pet shelter.



Warm and Wonderful Mohair

100g white and green

130g red and white

$19.75 total...this was half price...future mittens for Kelly and Kahla.

Tunisian CAL Swatches

she's doing some texture swatchs. I can't upload mine to the Flickr group till July sometime.
Mine are done in Bernat handicrafter.

Tidal Wave Socks for MIL.
Sock yarn bought at Knitters Fair. From stash.

(no pic yet)

FO #23
Garter Stitch Lace Triangle from Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls from Martha Waterman. It will be gifted to MIL for her birthday in August.

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Hockey Mom said...

Hi there! Found you back. You do an amazing amount of knitting. Love the socks.