Monday, November 26, 2007

FO#37 Babette Blanket Times Two

I finally got finished sewing the Babette squares together. It seems like it took twice as long to sew together as to crochet all those blocks. Now, I didn't do it in the sock yarn weight it called for. I dragged every blue and grey worsted weight acrylic yarn from my stash and hooked away. I think I bought one extra ball of navy when I ran out. And unfortunately I didn't keep track of how much of each, because there were so many odd balls in this thing.

It wound up being so big that I actually made 2 of them. (And I still have a few leftover squares.) I really wanted to do a good job on the joins and corners, so I chose a mattress stitch that actually made this reversible. So even though my seams and corners are perfect it still goes a bit misshapen. So I give up. Next blanket with seaming involved gets a hooked or whipstitch joining.

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