Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 FO#13 & #14 Geraldine's baby booties

Some baby sox and the Easy Lace Baby Blanket. Was to be gifted to my daughter's hockey coach...but she never showed up for the year end party. So back into the gift box.

2008 FO#21 The Office Grey Sweater

Well it never did work out like it was supposed to..but DD didn't notice and loves the sweater anyway. Started one pattern, didn't like the cables, so changed them. Yarn stretched after washing and blocking, so I cut 6" from the bottom and then did a sewn bindoff.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

FO#38 (2007) ... #77 Regia 5268

Another boring pair of plain jane socks from stash. I'm really starting to hate stripes and jacquards.

FO#36 (2007) ... #76 Lang Super Soxx

I blogged about this yarn from Ram Wools awhile ago. It was marked Super Soxx and was a horrible orange brown stripe. It felt awful to touch and cost me dearly (almost $25) because the books I ordered were out of stock and this was the sale surprise pack that I threw in to make it worthwhile.
I started these and thought I was going to gift them. But I actually started to like the colour. And when washed the first time...what a surprise...they were soft. So I have to eat crow and say...
I'M NOT UNHAPPY WITH THE SURPRISE PACK. But I still don't think they were worth $25.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

FO #34 and #35 (2007) Di's baby booties

BFF Di requested a quick couple of baby socks for another friend's shower. These are such a hit and I get to use up some leftover sock yarn. I usually do these on size 1's and 36 stitches. Bit of ribbing and turn the heel (flap style) and then 3 inches down the foot. Toe close and DONE! So simple that I don't even use a pattern.
Oh and these are finished objects from 2007, that's how far behind I am in my posts. When I upload a bunch of pics to flickr and webshots, I also add posts to my blog list (unedited)...hoping that it will inspire me to add them to my blog and ravelry.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Orkney Pie Shawl

I had some leftover green acrylic from 30? years ago that was supposed to be a sweater. It was actually quite nice for the day, and reasonably soft. I got about 1/3 of the way through the sweater and then it became a UFO. Finally decided to frog the thing.
The EZasPI group was doing and Orkney Pi shawl KAL so I joined in. It actually knit up to a soft lap blanket. It matched my couch, too. Please don't look at the colour in these pics, it is a really nice dark jade green.
Since that time, I've replaced my couch so it sits at the bottom of a basket. MEH.

EZasPI Orkney Pi

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Help Me Find This Sweater Pattern, PLEASE!

DD recently sent me some pictures of a sweater that Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesley on The Office wore. The comment in the show was that her mother made it for her. Well, DD has never asked me to make her anything but the ugly green mittens before. Nor has she ever worn anything that I have made for her (like the Fleece Artist scarf), luckily they are in my closet now.

So I am asking for help. Has anyone seen this sweater pattern? I have checked all the big sites (eg Elann, Webs, Ram Wools etc etc) and Ravelry, so if it's out there it will be a designer pattern or in a book. I would love to make this for her. If I don't come up with anything by the summer I will try to design my own, but frankly I'm not looking forward to it.
Email me at dmaclean3 at yahoo dot ca (change the at to @, and the dot to . - I hate spam.)